P R O M O T I O N A L __ T O U R

From 12 to 15 of September 2013 we invite friends, colleagues on tourist business, corporate meetings organizers, journalists, reporters, photo and video coverage, the creators of sites and active, restless people of different professions on a traditional advertising autumn four-day tour — «A Small vacations on Ladoga Lake — from Thursday to Sunday»


Promotional tour completes the anniversary, the fifteenth season of the program «Tourism sailing on Lake Ladoga». The professional team of instructors and skippers tourism brand «ILAKS » fifteen years working with tourists from June to September in the vast North — Western part of Lake Ladoga. Offer and arrange travel on sailboats, yachts on the chart at 4, 7 and 10 days, corporate meetings in nature, regattas and quests in the bays and Lehmalahti Naysmeri competitions in rowing canoes dvadtsatimestnyh like «Dragon». New anniversary season — four- and two-day quest weekend tours to sea kayaking (seayak).

For everyone in our tours and master — classes on the basics of walking on sailing yachts. Twice a season four-organize thematic tours: «With your favorite songs under sail» and «Folk Songs on the ancient shores of Kalevala».


Summer 2013 on Ladoga — as always, it was warm and soft. Lots of sun, wind and rain so to the extent that a great harvest of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries and mushrooms on the islands pleased us in the summer and autumn continues to delight! Superskaya fishing this year in Ladoga skerries! As our long-term observation of the North-Western part of Lake Ladoga —


We want all who visited our team ILAKS on Ladoga, love northern, tender and touching nature, have learned to cherish and want to come back again and again!

In the autumn promotional tour represent yacht «Sigma 2» with the familiar us captain Sergei Dedushenko. New boat on a mooring — new opportunities for next season. Actually, you will sea kayaks, and if you’re lucky with the weather, the competition for dvadtsatimestnyh canoe type «Dragon».

Our sailing fleet is waiting for you at the pier in the Gulf Lehmalahti.


Approximate tour program

Duration — 4 days, of which water travel — 4 day length of about 60 km

day 1

Meeting in St.-Petersburg at the Finland Station in 7 hours 00 minutes in the morning with an instructor. Organized landing on the train to the train/railway station «Kuznechnoe» The train leaves at 7 o’clock 34 minutes. Time is 3 hours 12 min. ( additional charge ) from w/d Art. «Kuznechnoe» on leased cars service to the village. Beryozovo str. Nekrasov, 1 ( from w / d Art. «Kuznechnoe» about 8 km. ) . A bite on the basis of — tea, coffee, sandwiches, drying, cakes, cookies.

Getting personal equipment and safety instruction and rules of behavior on the route. Relationship with risk factors and rules of behavior on the water. Landing in yawls, schooners, dinghies, yachts, kayaks and on the route.

The first transition, if the direction and force of the wind allows, to the parking lot at Cape Rahaniemi. Putting up the tent camp. Lunch — dinner by the fire, welcome evening with the team and its tour operator ILAKS tourist agency «Maverick St. Petersburg», stories about our capabilities, plans, and, of course, songs around the campfire. Overnight in a double-bed tents.

Fallback — stop at the near parks on the island of Kilpola Rullalahdenvuori under a rock, or Heposari Montasari island in the Gulf «Kocherga» or in the entrance to the bay bay «Kocherga» etc.

day 2

Breakfast. Dnevka. Radial walks and master classes on sailing dinghies management, yalami, yachts in the Gulf of Turvey, Yayatyarvenlahti (popular name — The poker) and Naysmeri, islands Koyonsari, Lavuatsari, Kuhka, Heposari and Silkamaryansari. Master classes and horseback sea kayaking. Dinner. Leisure time. Dinner. Evening fire. Continued exploring the creative possibilities ILAKS team. Songs and talk to «the morning».

day 3

Breakfast. Dnevka. Fishing, tourism training baths, boat trips on the dinghy, yawls, yachts and kayaks for those who want. Dinner. Lecture historian Rousinova local historian. Concert choirs. Sauna, dinner. Guitar songs, folk songs in chorus, dancing to «the morning».

day 4

Breakfast. Early exit in Ladoga. Daylight Cape Rahaniemi — vil. Beryozovo (30 — 35 km). Stops on snacks and lunch on the islands on the movement of boats, dinghies and yachts. Desired time of arrival of the boats dock pos. Beryozovo — 17 hour. Letting obtained equipment, snack, home fees. Delivery to the train/railway station «Kuznechnoe» Departure by train to St-Petersburg. Train departure time 18.33 pm — Arrival in St. — Petersburg 22.05 pm. Fallback — train in 20.25 pm, St-Petersburg — 23.44 pm.

The cost of the promotional tour 12.09 — 15.09.2013 —

«A Small vacations on Ladoga Lake — from Thursday to Sunday» — 4000 rubles.


The cost of advertising tour includes:

  • Skilled captains and their assistants work.
  • All meals and drinks in moderation.
  • Hiking equipment rental group — sailing — rowboats.
  • Campfire, bivouac equipment, first aid kit and remnabor on each boat
  • Rental individual field equipment — tent for two, sleeping, clean removable liner in a sleeping bag, hiking mats , bag splash for things lifejacket.
  • Organization and carrying marching baths.
  • Accompanying motorboat «Progress».
  • Accident insurance, valid for the period of the tour.
  • Transfer: «Kuznechnoe» — pos. «Beryozovo» str. Nekrasov d.1 and back

The cost of advertising does not include:

  • The fare on the train St. Petersburg — Blacksmithing 315 rubles. one side

Anyone can get to the pier with your own car . On the basis of «Ladoga» has secure car parking.

to take with you:

Personal belongings that are desirable to pack in a backpack without the machine or travel bag: pants and a light jacket with hood ( anorak ), long sleeve shirt, wool socks 2 pairs, 2-3 pairs of simple socks, bathing suit, T-shirt, a hat with a visor, warm jacket, woolen cap, sweater, underwear or warm tights (this is especially recommended for women ), poncho, change of underwear, waterproof hiking shoes, lightweight shoes replaced, slippers or sandals for the bivouac, sunglasses, flashlight with spare batteries, sunscreen and after-sun, personal hygiene items, including toilet paper, garden set of utensils (bowl, cup, spoon, knife ), personal first aid kit. Do not forget your camera, film camera, fishermen — do not leave home gear and the average length of rubber boots. All have — a good mood!!!