October 3, 2013

closing the season 2013

October 2 successfully transported and put in winter storage, the first batch of hiking equipment (tents and all life jackets, some sleeping bags, hiking rugs, awnings and sails of «Pepelats»). In the birch dry all equipment, collected and shipped on two minibuses coastal service led by Natalia Khazanova and with the participation

of Vladimir Nikulkin and Sergei Krainev.V St.-Petersburg unloaded and raised on the 4 th floor without lift team led by Catherine Alexandrovich and with the participation of George Smirnov, Vasily Koposov, Dmitry Orlov, Pasha Alexeenko, Anton Kalinkin and Vladimir Nikulkin. Thank you all!

On Friday, October 4 in the birch, the afternoon will go to two minibuses . There are nine (9) seats. Who is free to go at this time in a birch on LIFT BOAT AND CLOSE SEASON — sign up for free space!!!