May 27, 2014

celebrating The Russia Day

Dear Friends! We remind you that The Russia Day  this year lasts for four days from 12 to 15 of June. Weekend coincide with the tour program — «Small vacation on Lake Ladoga — from Thursday to Sunday». There is still a certain amount of empty seats.

Go to the most beautiful places on Lake Ladoga on a unique boats sailing in the company of interesting people! JOIN NOW! It’s a great opportunity to get acquainted with the Ladoga skerries and perfect stay under sail!

For those who likes to go closer to the «water» — there is a great deal in the same period: the journey by sea kayak. This is a quest — finding treasure, archery and other fun activities.

In the same time frame we offer a tour for a small company of 4 — 5 people on the yacht «PADMA» well-deserved captain.

Rebuild your forces in nature, away from civilization, politics and stress! Now, in it’s sixteenth season, a team of professional skippers and tourism instructors «ILAKS» helps everyone to see and appreciate the unique nature of the southernmost part of the Far North.