May 14, 2013

The Black Sea kayaking

Launched on May 2 near the town of Feodosiya Bay Dvuyakornaya, May 10, our group completed the route near the town of Sudak. The nine-day tour through the Black Sea to the Sea of  double plastic kayaks went well.

As part of the campaign, our tourists acquainted with the most beautiful places of the Crimean coast by sea and by land. Not everyone can boast of having seen Karadag rock from the sea at a distance of 30 meters and went on a kayak through the famous Golden Gate, because the approach to the Karadag Reserve closer than 500m banned all motorized vessels. The next day our group visited the Karadag reserve with an official tour of the land.

Also left a lasting impression mountain range in the vicinity of Cape Megan. Huge bizarre rocks of the imagination, but in the small coastal caves you can swim directly to the kayak. And as planned, the next day, a walk through the narrow mountain trails and Megan march in open jeeps on mountain road in safari style.

The weather was favorable to us. All returned tanned and grown thin. Heat of the day after the sun gave way to brisk chill in the morning, only the first rays touched the tents, the heat kicked us out of the sleeping bags. It was only on the last day strong wind arose, and we were not able to pass along the banks of the reserve "New World", as previously planned.

But the experience was enough without it. Now, under the "warm seas of the world" is the development of autumn routes off the coast of Greece and Croatia. And in the summer, in addition to already scheduled tours, we are preparing for you a highlight — a campaign on the Åland islands in the Gulf of Bothnia.