June 20, 2013

Scout tour on rowing boats

June 19 from our berth in the village Beryozovo campaign launched ten young scouts. Two members of our professional team of instructors and skippers ILAKS Georgy and Sergei together with the two leaders went to hike three rowing boats and a kayak in the bay Naysmeri skerry mazes (aka Indian Sea). All the guys — are active participants of the Scout Movement and easily overcome various obstacles and unforeseen circumstances . One unforeseen circumstance happened right on the first day of the hike . Planned to go to sea Ladoga on two wooden boats — Pomeranian sailboat . Guys carefully before the start of the sailboat otcherpyvali water , even made an instructor pilot in the Gulf Kopsanlahti output on one of them , considering ease of movement of the boat and its stability on the water. When loading things turned out that one of the sailboat is not yet ready to enter into a serious campaign. It is rapidly gaining a lot of water : a tree or in the water not more zabuhlo properly, or there is a hidden defect. Found a replacement — an authentic boat North American Indians — dori , and modern plastic boat type » Fofana » too by the way was at hand. We are waiting for the return of children from the campaign June 28 and hope that they will tell us on what the boat easier to walk on Ladoga expanses — to karbase Pomerania , North American dori , plastic » Fofana » or a simple kayak. About the views of young scouts will inform our news after June 28 .