June 10, 2014

opening of navigation 2014 

Dead friends and comrades! The navigation on Ladoga Lake 2014 team «ILAKS» under the strict guidance of the «Maverick» travel agency, was opened from 5 to 8 June with advertising tour. The tour attracted a record number of people during our existence. Thanks to all our partners and tourists. We worked out beautifully and safely conduct this grand (dare we say it epithet) event because this year, along with suggestions on our favorite travel yawls sailing, dinghy, yacht «PADMA», «Sigma 2», we promote travel on the ship «TOVARISCH», which opened to us new horizons of service on Ladoga Lake. «TOVARISCH» — is a small ship with a heroic history which captain Gregory tells to the tourists necessarily. In tourist terms, this ship can be called a comfortable cottage for seven people with three bedrooms (cabins), a kitchen, a toilet, a sauna and a place for cooking kebabs and grilled meat. «TOVARISCH» has a mast and in term of fair winds can go sailing, which will undoubtedly adorn comfortable stay small company on Ladoga Lake. Contact us for a lovely stay at yawls ,dinghy, sailing «PADMA» and «Sigma 2» and the ship «TOVARISCH».