July 23, 2013

presentitng a songwriter of the tour «songs under sails»

Dear friends! Members and guests of the tour «Songs under sail», who could not take a songwriter in paper form, can get it in the mail. Send us your postal address. Shipped for those wishing songwriter electronically. We are waiting for information from you! Summer continues with mushrooms, after the recent rains, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and the wind in the sails. Welcome to the next tour, for which there are four places: July 25 — 28 — captain Alexey Kryvenko with «Pepelats» July 29 — August 4 — seven days with Irina Maximova on «Ladoga» — our legendary captain returned to us after the birth of her daughter. Tradition continues! There are few places on the above tours. The nearest ten days, on which there are places with 9 — August 18. Join now!!!