July 11, 2013

news of Ladoga Skerries resort

On a sunny day, July 11, 2013 our glorious sailing schooner «Pepelats» and the dinghy «Onega» gone from the jetty in the Beryozovo village to a four-day journey. Two captains Alexey Kryvenko and Natalya Tokareva with the fair wind brought their boats to the island Heposari. Wonderful weather is in Ladoga skerries, so harder before the weekend to find free parking. Most picturesque resort of North-West Russia — Ladoga Skerries — under full load ! Next week will be the eighth concert traditional four-day tour «Songs under sails». Our esteemed members of the club of author’s song «East» Tatiana Koposova, Valentin Vikhorev and Alexander Timofeev hold us in these unforgettable days on Lake Ladoga. Join us!