Four day tour on a catamaran

«a trip on Ladoga on a catamaran»

Catamaran «Mechta-2», «Artmarine 27» project is a true dream for a connoisseur of speed under sails! If the wind is strong enough — it can develop speed of 10-15 knots (19-28 km/h) There is no unaccesible places for it on Ladoga. Meanwhile it’s a complete yacht, so you can sail as long as you want to, take an overnight journies and lead an overactive lifestyle. This writer, a catamaran captain, after quite a short but extremely busy three-day cruise have got a very memorable comment from one of the tourists: «Thank you for a month’s holiday, Cap! =)

All driving days catamaran is mainly under sail, following the schedule and effectively using weather. If the weather conditions don’t permit sailing, catamaran goes under the motor. It’s better to start /to make output/ everyday trip / in the morning, when the weather is most favorable, so that a daily transition was completed by dinner. Catamaran can make nearly 50 km a day. The afternoon is used for excursions, walks, sports, swimming, fishing and other activities.

Catamaran with tourists has a team of two people — a skipper and an assistant. Catamaran can take on board up to 8 tourists.

The four-day tours begin on Thursday and finish on Sunday. This tours depart weekly, starting from 06 June 2013.

Four day catamaran tours schedule 2014


Departure Returning Price Price 
for the youth
  from SPb to SPb in rubles  from 4 to 12 years
in rubles
from 13 to 21 years
in rubles
1 06 june 09 june 16380 9828 14742
2 13 june 16 june 16380 9828 14742
3 20 june 23 june 16380 9828 14742
4 27 june 30 june 16380 9828 14742
5 04 july 07 july 16380 9828 14742
6 11 july 14 july 16380 9828 14742
7 18 july 21 july 16380 9828 14742
8 25 july 28 july 16380 9828 14742
9 01 august 04 august 16380 9828 14742
10 08 august 11 august 16380 9828 14742
11 15 august 18 august 16380 9828 14742
12 22 august 25 august 16380 9828 14742
13 29 august 01 september 16380 9828 14742
14 05 september 08 september 16380 9828 14742

The price includes the following:

  • meals three times a day (tourists should help to make a food);
  • hire of the individual and group equipment (tents, sleeping bags, tourists’ carpets, an individual lire jacket, a fire (brome) equipment, medicine);
  • renting of the boats and water equipment;
  • maintenance of a captain and an assistant;
  • an accident Insurance, valid during the trip.

An extra payment:

  • a train ticket to Kuznechnoye railway station – 626 rub. (way there and back), this is the price of 2013;
  • the transfer to the Ladoga camp is 200 rub. (way there and back)

An approximate route of the four days trip under the sails

Four days trip, the water part — four days, the length is about 200 km. The time-table of the water passing is a very approximate. It depends on a weather conditions, particularly wind directions. It is also possible to have lunch during the transition — there is a kitchen with a gas stove on board. Complete meal will be cooked as soon as we get to the coast (to the land). Tourists cook the food under the supervision of the skipper’s assistant.

First day. The meeting point is St.Petersburg — Finnlyandky railway station at 7.40 a.m. It takes 3 hours 15 minutes to get from St-Petersburg to «Kuznechnoye» railway station by train. The train leaves at 8.17 a.m. We get to our camping (which is located in 8 km from the «Kuznechnoye» railway station in the Beryozovo village) by a rental car (an extra payment). Then we will have a fast food there. After that you will get an equipment and instructional advice. The first part of the trip — to the Kayansaari island (25-30 km). Setting a camp. There is a double-bed tent for every tourist. Tourists set the tents by themselves, or ask an assistant for help if there is any problems with it. Supper. Intoducing evening.

Second day. Breakfast. Passing from the Kayansaari island to the Kuhka island (20-30 km). Having supper. Free time. Evening brome. Tales and songs evening.

Third day. Breakfast. A trip to the Sortavala’s Skerry and back. Island hopping. Dinner. Free time. Having a camp sauna at will. Supper. Songs and funny stories evening.

Fourth day. Breakfast. An early morning departure. Transition from Kuhka island to the Ladoga camp (45-60 km). There will be several stops to have some food at small islands. The best time to come back to the Ladoga camp by 5 p.m. Returning of the equipment, having a fast food, getting ready to back home. Transfer to Kuznechnoye railway station. The train back to St.Petersburg is at 6.31 p.m. Arrival to St.Petersburg at 10.06 p.m. Another train leaves at 8.34 p.m. and arrives at St.Petersburg at 23.42 (the timetable 2013 will be defined more exactly in late May)




It’s important!

Please, read the safety instruction attentively! Prolonged stay in a warm office of a large city often leads to the fact that even a competent and experienced traveler begins to forget simple, but very important rules of camp life and the preparation for it.

If you are going to get to our camp by train then use the tourist memo. You can also arrive by your own can.  There is a hotel, a camping, and a paid parking over there.

Don’t forget to be in a great mood!