February 25, 2014

spring’s on the verge

The final Olympic fireworks at the stadium «Fischt» in Sochi comes to it’s end. Many of us watched and rooted for the performances of athletes at the XXII Olympic Winter Games. Well someone said: «How quickly these 17 moments of winter flew …». That’s great — to compete at home. Our guys could brace up by the end of the Olympics. And how nervous we were in the early days of the Olympic «failures»! But finally Russian Olympic team pleased us with it’s success! Our professional team of skippers and instructors of tourism «ILAKS» don’t have so much news in the offseason. The main news for today is — 3 days left until spring comes, which means summer is just on the doorstep! We are preparing for the «mass action» at the spring tourist exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Do not forget that a season of grand discounts on our tour ends just after the exhibition in St-Petersburg «Tourism without Borders. Summer 2014». The exhibition will be held at the Harbor Pavilion № 5, from 4 to 6 April 2014.