December 30, 2013

happy new year!

Dear friends, colleagues, partners, and our dear tourists Team Instructors professional skipper and Tourism «ILAKS», together with the staff of the tourist agency «Maverick» wishes you a Happy New Year 2014! We wish you all the rich and exciting New Year, good health, happiness and prosperity! Always waiting for you on Lake Ladoga — a great stay and good company — guaranteed! As our captain Sergei Dedushenko — «Close the sky sails» in the sixteenth season fascinating and informative program «Tourism sailing on Lake Ladoga». Ending December 31 grand 25% discount on our regular trips to 4, 7 or 10- day summer tours yawls sailing, dinghy, yacht «Padma» keel yacht «Sigma 2» and sea kayaking. About a hundred tourists planned your summer vacation on Lake Ladoga with us. Thank you for your trust friends! See you at the Ladoga summer 2014! Our Christmas card artist Anna Mikhailova painted snowy rocky island Ladoga skerries. Ladoga interesting travelers in winter and summer. And we hope that there would come a time when we will be able to sail in the winter on the ice of Lake Ladoga on snowmobiles and kites. Zagadannoy in the New Year a new development of our culture Ladoga!!!