August 13, 2013

news from ladoga spaces

On August 12 three our flagships «Ladoga», «Pepelats» and «Konevets» gone from the pier to a seven-day trip. A warm rain passed, the sun came out and a tail wind blew…. Summer on Ladoga goes on! As our tourists say: «Ladoga meet interesting people. Quite a different world!». Ladoga gives everyone an unforgettable sunrises, sunsets, extraordinary sky above sea, berries and mushrooms on its shores, the seas and fish bays. One word — a place strength and beauty of the nature of the southern part of the Far North. There are places guaranteed tours: 19 — 25/08/13 — seven-day tour with Captain Dmitry Orlov 22 — 25/08/13 — very impressive for adults and children tour «Folk songs on the shores of the ancient Kalevala» with Sergei Balzhik and his team! 05 — 09/08/13 — with the breeze in the summer gifts!!!